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Case Tracking

Advocacy Center staff will participate in multidisciplinary case tracking to follow all children's cases. 

Community Education

Abuse prevention programs will be offered in area schools. Public presentations will provide information on how to recognize and report child abuse. Annual workshops for area professionals will also be sponsored. 

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One child. One place. One time. (5).png

Mental Health Counseling

The Advocacy center offers counseling and therapy sessions free of charge to Gateway CAC clients and family members. Referrals for counseling can come from anyone at any time. 

Family Advocacy

Trained victim advocates will educate the child and family members about the court system. Advocates will accompany families to court and meetings in the investigation or prosecution of the case. 

Information and Referrals

The center will maintain a comprehensive community directory of service providers in the area. This information will be made available to callers and clients. Printed material and educational videos also will be available.

Investigative Interviews 

Interviews of victims will be conducted at the Advocacy Center in rooms designed to be child friendly and by a trained interviewer. 

(Note: This service must be referred by Law Enforcement or Protective Services for investigative purposes only.)

Medical Examinations

 Physicians trained in child sexual abuse examinations will conduct exams at the center in a child-friendly room.

(Note: This service must be referred by Law Enforcement or Protective Services for investigative purposes only.)

Parenting Classes

Free parenting classes are taught at the Gateway Children's Advocacy Center with the curriculum of Parenting in the 21st Century.  The classes cover topics like Understanding Your Child, Role Modeling, Communication, Discipline, Stress Management, and Co-Parenting, Step parenting, and Single Parenting.  (Referrals taken from any type of case manager.) 

Body & Internet Safety

Body safety and Internet safety classes provide a range of information about personal body safety, correct anatomy terminology, internet safety and warnings, and information for parents. These classes are tailored for the specific age range of the children.  (Referrals can be self-made or recommended by case worker)

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