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The center has a number of items on our "wish list" that will help to carry out important tasks. They include: 

Food and drink items for guardians and child victims such as 

  • animal crackers (small individual bags)

  • Snack Crackers (small individual bags)

  • Dried Fruit (small individual bags)

  • Other snacks/treats (small individual packages)

  • Juice boxes (Capri Sun and 100% juice)

  • Chips(small individual packages)

  • Bottled water 

Office supplies 

  • Paper products (paper towels, napkins,printer/copier paper, etc)

  • Kleenex

  • Cleaning supplies (antibacterial, multi-purpose sprays and wipes)


  • Art supplies for counseling 

  • Magazine subscriptions for waiting area

  • small, new toys for kids treasure chest

  • "old maid", "go fish", and other simple games (no small parts, please!)

  • Gas cards or vouchers for our victims and their families 

  • Food gift cards-fast food or local restaurants for families who receive various services and are at Hope's Place for an extended period of time



By linking you Kroger Rewards card as well as your Rite Aid Plenti card with the Center, a portion of all purchases will go to the center. This is also true for Amazon Smile, by going to and choosing the Gateway Children's Advocacy Center. 


Volunteering your time during fundraising or other events is extremely helpful to the center. To do so, contact the center for more information. 

Your greatest contribution to the center can be in the form of a donation. We have a GoFundMe page active as well as other avenues of dontation contact the center for more information.


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