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Medical Examinations 

Gateway Children’s Advocacy Center provides a child-friendly, on-site medical room to evaluate those children who have reported inappropriate physical contact. Regardless of how long ago the assault occurred, it is important that child and adolescent victims receive a thorough examination to ensure that they are physically and emotionally healthy.


Gateway Children's Advocacy Center partner's with a physician that is trained in the care of children and teens who report experiencing sexual abuse.  A comprehensive medical examination is conducted for a number of reasons. It allows the physician to:


  • Diagnose and treat injury

  • Test for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Collect forensic evidence when appropriate

  • Assess behavioral and emotional problems

  • Make additional referrals


Although there are very rarely physical signs of sexual abuse, many families are reassured knowing that no permanent physical damage has been done.  Medical exams are scheduled by appointment only.  


**All services are provided at no cost.
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